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What’s up, investors? How are you doing? My name is Mark Allen, and I am the project manager at Lert Skip Tracing. I manage this website and the entire Skip Tracing Campaigns of investors working with our team. We’ve worked with numerous investors and wholesalers looking for Bank Owned, Distressed, Pre-Foreclosures, and Vacant properties. Providing quality leads to them is our top priority. We’ve received positive feedback from the clients we’ve worked with because we never compromise on quality. We’ll share the proof after a while, so be ready for this.

Lert Skip Tracing is the best resource for investors and wholesalers looking for homeowners with different properties. Your landing is precisely on the right page if you are one of those investors or wholesalers looking for homeowners having properties of different formats. We’d love to help you find those properties if you work with us. We provide top-quality leads whose proof will be shared after a while. We’re about to discuss the simple definition of Skip Tracing if you aren’t familiar with it.

What is Skip Tracing?

People who aren’t familiar with Skip Tracing must know about its definition. Skip Tracing is the process of finding someone’s contact information. That information can be the person’s current address, phone number, and email. People use that information to contact that guy. Investors use Skip Tracing because they want to know the current addresses, phone numbers, and emails of the homeowners having Bank Owned, Pre-Foreclosures, and Distressed Properties. That’s when the investors use this Skip Tracing.

How Real Estate Investors Benefit From Skip Tracing?

There are 2 different patterns of using Skip Tracing. Investors and wholesalers use this technique for different purposes. We’ll mention the benefits investors earn when considering Skip Tracing for finding properties.

Investors contact those homeowners and ask them if they want to sell their property. That investor later maintains that property. Suppose a property’s roof wasn’t cleaned well, and there were some leakages in its gutter pipe. The investor will repair those things and will list them for sale to the buyers. He gets more money when he flips the property because he has maintained the property. That’s how investors use Skip Tracing, but wholesalers use it differently.

How Do Wholesalers Benefit From Skip Tracing?

Real Estate Wholesalers are commonly looking for homeowners willing to sign the contract. These wholesalers contact Skip Tracing Firms like ours and ask for homeowners having properties they want to sell. We provide leads of those homeowners a wholesaler demands from us. We’ve worked with wholesalers a lot.

Some wholesalers are looking for leads in a particular city, and others have an extensive network in multiple cities. The leads demanded by a wholesaler depend on his working network. Later the wholesaler manually reaches the homeowners and convinces them to sign the selling contract. He then pitches those properties to the investors and earns some commission in return. That’s how the wholesalers benefit from Skip Tracing.

So that’s how the investors and wholesalers use Skip Tracing. They want the homeowner’s current address, phone number, or email who is willing to sell his Distressed or Pre-Foreclosure Property. Investors approach those homeowners differently, and wholesalers have another technique of approaching.

Why Should We Use a Skip Tracing Service?

We’ve discussed Skip Tracing’s definition, but why should you consider Skip Tracing when numerous other patterns are available? We’ll reveal some significant reasons for considering Skip Tracing when looking for multiple properties.

  1. Affordable
  2. Time-Saving
  3. Extensive Information

These are the 3 reasons to consider Skip Tracing in your business. I’ll explain these 3 benefits to help you understand the entire game.


The 1st reason you must consider Skip Tracing is its affordability. We’ve seen investors invest healthy cash to get the right leads, but Skip Tracing isn’t that pricey. You can get high-quality leads at a reasonable price. Investors or wholesalers can try their luck with few leads. Suppose you order 250 leads from us. Getting a single lead converted can earn you a reasonable commission. And 250 leads aren’t that expensive. Wholesalers doing a manual visit can cost a lot, but 250 leads won’t cost you a lot.

We’ve seen the wholesalers doing a manual visit without knowing the property’s type, but our service saves you from visiting the property manually. You can contact the homeowners through our provided leads and schedule a meetup with them once you get a green signal after contacting them. That’s the 1st reason to consider Skip Tracing in your business.


The 2nd reason to consider Skip Tracing is that it saves time. We’ve seen many investors and wholesalers spending a lot of time convincing homeowners to sell their property or sign the selling contract. Skip Tracing will skip this process because you know the homeowner’s contact information. You’ll contact the homeowner through his phone number or email and notice his interest in selling. You’ll never have to reach out to him when he isn’t willing to sell the property to you.

Some homeowners have also signed contracts with other wholesalers, so your time will be saved because the homeowner will inform you by replying to your email or by picking up your phone call. Every investor’s and wholesaler’s time is precious and saved through Skip Tracing. So what more do you demand from Skip Tracers?

Extensive Information

Some investors have a team of outreach experts, and others have expert cold callers. You get the homeowner’s email and phone number through Skip Tracing. You can assign this task to your cold callers if you don’t have outreach experts. However, investors with outreach experts but no cold callers can’t sit back because they have the homeowner’s email address. Convincing the homeowners through your email outreach experts team is possible when you have no cold callers in your team. So that all information is gathered through Skip Tracing. Homeowners’ extensive information can be beneficial.

Why Trust US?

I hope you know the basic definition of Skip Tracing and its 3 benefits, but why should you work with us when numerous other firms are available? I’ll clarify this point by showing our team’s work proof. We used to work on Fiverr before launching this website. We can also share our Fiverr profile to show the reviews given by the clients who worked with us.

It is time to show you our work proof because trust isn’t built with words in this online field. You have to show your work proof to satisfy the client who wants to use your service. We’ll share screenshots of the reviews given by investors and wholesalers.

Here are some reviews of the clients we served on Fiverr. We used to work on Fiverr, and here are the thoughts of our clients who worked with us:

Dermgerm Buyer Skip Tracing Services Review

Kent Review on Skip Tracing Service

Mike Review on Real Estate Skip Tracing

Shllobryant Review of our Skip Tracing Service

Yuda Review on Lert Skip Tracing Services

We’ve only shared the 5 reviews, but our reviews don’t end here because we’ve served hundreds of clients on Fiverr. You can look at our website’s reviews and testimonials page to see our entire portfolio. We work with clients through emails and also through our Facebook Page. You’ll have to see the reviews and then consider whether to work with us.

Contacting US?

After seeing the reviews and testimonials given by our clients, if you have decided to work with us, then contact us by seeing the contact mediums dropped on our website’s contact page. Our email is also given, but you can also message us on WhatsApp or our Facebook Page.

How is our Team?

Without a team, you cannot provide any service accurately. But don’t worry, we have an experienced team working under our belt.

Experience: No doubt experience is the first thing every person wants. Whenever you hire a worker, the very first thing that you check is his experience. So we have an experienced team of skip tracers working under us. We have served numerous clients and got positive feedback from them. The team that works under us has helped us serve innumerable clients in the real estate industry.

Fast Response: We respond to our clients in less than no time. If you have messaged us, you will get an answer in less than no time. We have made our website simple. To reach us, you don’t have to submit any tickets. You have to message us on Whatsapp or our other contact sources, and you will get your answer fast. And when you get the answer fast, odds are your issues will be resolved more quickly.

Proper Report: We give a formal report organized well in the Excel sheet. Whenever we submit the information to our client, it is managed well. All things in that report are arranged accordingly. We do not mix things here and there as it irritates our clients. You will get well-managed info from us. All the information will be easier to understand, and no time will be wasted managing that information. After getting the list, you will be ready to go.

No Usage of Low-Quality Software: Several skip tracing service providers use free tools and give their clients the information they don’t need. In the end, they make money, but the client’s money is wasted, and he fails in his objective, but our company doesn’t use free and low-quality tools. We pay our workers a reasonable amount to give us the accurate information that our client needs. That is the reason our clients are happy with us because they benefit much from our service.

Premium Tools: The tools that our team uses are premium ones, not low-quality ones. We have used these premium tools to serve our clients, and every client is happy after he gets the list from us.

These are the five things on which Lert Skip Tracing focuses. We are not here to make money, but we respect our client by giving him the best because he paid us.

So that’s all from our team, our services, and how we work with our clients. I would ask you to work with us just one time. If you like our service, please share this website on social media websites like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions that people ask who are new in the skip tracing industry.

Is Skip Tracing Illegal?

No, skip tracing is 1000% Legal in the USA if you work according to the law. As long as you follow the law, you will not face any problems, but if you break the rules, then you’ll have to bear the consequences. Newbies should not worry about Skip Tracing, as it is 100% legal in the USA.

Do Free Software Lead To a Real Property Owner?

Big NO, and here are its reasons.

Whenever you visit any website claiming to provide working skip tracing leads, you are redirected to the download page provided by those websites.

It will only show the list of those leads that are available in their database, not the real ones. You will be able to download those leads that are in their database, so almost 98% of them don’t work, and the investors get disappointed when they cannot find a piece of information from that list.

In the end, I would say it’s a waste of time.

Do Skip Tracers Offer Refunds?

No. I have seen many big brands providing services related to skip tracing, but they do not offer any refund once they are done with the clients.

What Should Be My Minimum Order?

It depends upon the company you work with. Some companies have no limit. Like Batch Skip Tracing charges per result, they have no limit. On the other hand, the minimum order of the Dataz App is also 0. You can start wherever and whenever you want. Your minimum order’s quest depends upon the company you want to work with, nothing else.