6 Best Ways To Find Vacant Property Owners in 2022

6 Best Ways To Find Vacant Property Owners

Have you searched for an empty house? If yes, then it means you wanted to buy that house, right? But you cannot find its owner because no one lives in it. So now what? Will you relax on the sofa and its owner will come to you, not at all.

So what will you do now? It’s simple. You will find a new house or find the owner of that house. Finding the empty house’s owner is difficult because no one lives in it, but you don’t have to worry about it because we are here to help you.

At Lert Skip Tracing, we will share the best ways to find the vacant property owners’ latest address or location. We will mention every instruction in brief detail, and these instructions will help find the owner of a vacant property in less than no time. So be ready.

So that is how to find vacant property owners:

  1. Asking from neighbor
  2. Skip Tracer
  3. Tax Records
  4. Searching on Websites
  5. Leaving a Note
  6. Post Cards

These are the six possible ways to find the owner of any vacant property, and I “ll explain how. Before explaining, I will tell you that I have a bonus for you, so don’t miss it.

Asking From Neighbor

Asking From Neighbor To Find Vacant Property Owners

Whenever you see any vacant house, the first and the best possible way to find its owner is to ask their neighbors. Neighbors know very well and once you have talked to their neighbor, ask them to give the owner’s cell phone number or email address.

If the neighbor can provide the owner’s cell phone number, you can contact the owner by calling him on the phone. You can schedule a meetup with him and buy the house.

Skip Tracer

Hiring a local skip tracer is another way to find the owner if you haven’t found any information from their neighbors. You can hire a local skip tracer online or order from us. You may not know, but we also give skip tracing services. You can check our pricing page and see if we can help you or not.

For example, if you want to buy any vacant house in California, you must hire a skip tracer whose agency operates in California, this will cost you $10-$20, but you will find the owner while sitting in your home.

The skip tracer you hired will provide everything, including its phone number, email address, and the latest location where that owner is living. So that seems the best possible way to find the owner of any vacant house.

Tax Records

Finding Vacant Property Owners Through Tax Records

This is an old method, but still, it works best. Checking the tax records works best if the owner has filed a new address. After seeing the tax records and finding the new address, you have two ways to engage with the owner.

First is by sending your man to the owner, and that’s how. Suppose you found a vacant house in California and the owner is living in any other state. If you have any relatives or friends in that state, you can ask them to visit the address and ask the house’s selling price. In this way, all your doubts will be cleared when your man meets the owner. If they are willing to sell, you can buy that house.

The second option is to send a letter or postcard, and that’s how. If you have found the address where the owner is living, you can send a postcard or letter and ask whether they want to sell that vacant house or not. It would be best if you only did this when you didn’t have any other source. Otherwise, the first process I mentioned is the best and fastest.

Searching on Websites

You know very well that thousands of listings are listed on Zillow and other Real Estate websites, and that’s the best way to find a vacant house in any area.

Most people and real estate agents list their houses and ask for prices on these websites. So if you cannot find the owner by any other method, this method might work.

Explore popular Real Estate websites like Zillow and search for that area where you’ve seen the vacant house. If the owner has added a listing on it, you will find his latest address, phone number, and email address too.

So that is how this process works, and you should apply this method after you’ve asked the neighbors because searching on websites will not take much time. You have to see the list of available vacant houses, and if you find the listing of that house, you can send an email or call the owner using your smartphone in less than no time. Make sure to select the state first before exploring that website. If you do not do this, you’ll waste lots of time.

Leaving a Note

Leaving a Note For Finding

This note strategy also works, but not every time. After seeing any vacant house, you can leave a note on its main gate. Whenever the owner of that house visits, he will see that note, and if he is interested in selling that house, he will contact you.

Make sure to write your contact source, including your email, phone number, and latest address. If the owner prefers emails, he will email you, or if he calls you directly, you can ask them to sell. That’s the owner’s choice.

I recommend writing this sentence on that note, “I am willing to buy this house. I am not its owner,” and that is why because sometimes the debt collectors come to collect the debt if that house is on rent. If the debt collector sees your address, he will think it’s the latest address. So he will contact you, but you are the buyer, not the owner. But if you write this sentence, you will not get useless calls from debt collectors and others.

Sometimes, you aren’t answered using that note strategy, so don’t expect a quick response from the owner.

Post Cards

So that is the last method, and it works best.

Sending a postcard to that current address will help you find the latest address of the owner, and here’s how:

Send a postcard to that address, and in front of that card, write the sentence “Do not forward this card and please update the current location of that owner in case he is not available.”

Doing this will help you find the current location because when the mailman delivers that card, he will see an empty house, so they will try to find that owner’s current location as they have several records. If they have the address, they will write it on that postcard, and you can trace the owner with that address. After tracing the location, you can talk to the owner and ask him to sell that house. If he is willing to sell, he will.

So these are the six best ways to find the owners of any vacant properties. And here is the bonus for my users. This technique works best if you apply it correctly.

Using Facebook and Social Media Groups (BONUS)

According to Statista, 2.6 billion people were using social media monthly in the first quarter of 2020, and here is how you can benefit from it.

Several groups on Facebook and Twitter related to this real estate business. Once you have found any vacant house and want to see its owner, you can take pictures of that empty house and upload them to the Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp groups related to the Real Estate business.

Your post must have this type of description “If anybody in this group knows the owner’s current address, kindly drop that address in the description.” And why should you do this?

People who are willing to sell their houses are active on social media and other platforms to catch you directly, or someone who knows that person will contact you. Whenever he reaches you, you should ask him the current address of that empty house owner. If he knows, he will update you, and you can make a deal directly. This technique also works best because everyone uses smartphones, and on every smartphone, you will find Facebook and YouTube installed. So it would be best if you availed this chance.


So these were the 6 best ways to find the owners of the vacant properties. If you have enjoyed reading this article, please give feedback in the comments section.

If you need skip tracing services, then please contact us. We are here to provide services related to skip-tracing to our users.

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