I want to clarify one thing before revealing our contact details. We provide manual leads because investors and wholesalers need to learn how to find the right name, email, and address of the property owner. That’s the reason we have taken this responsibility. Investors and wholesalers who don’t know the process can relax until we give them the compiled leads through our database. That’s why our leads delivery system is manual.

Contacting Lert Skip Tracing for getting Skip Tracing Services is very easy. We respond well to Emails and Facebook Messages.

You can use this email to contact us and get our services.


It is recommended to write the complete details of your project. Remember to mention the leads you want because it is important.

The 2nd way to contact us is to message us on our Facebook Page.

You can search for Lert Skip Tracing on Facebook if you have an account. We’re about to provide our Facebook Page URL. You can message there and discuss your project in brief detail. Our operator will answer every question.

Click Here To Message us on Facebook

You can follow that link to message us on Facebook. You can chat with our operator and share your project details. The chat system on Facebook is outstanding. Discussing the project details will be fine.