Every real estate investor is looking for skip tracing services, but 90% fail because most companies want to make money. Almost every company is making money. They don’t care about quality, but Lert Skip Tracing is different from them.

We provide high-quality skip tracing services to our users at a reasonable price. Companies are providing high-quality skip tracing services, but they are too much expensive.

For Example, Batch Skip Tracing charges 20 CENTS Per Lead, and 20 CENTS Per Lead is too expensive. But Lert Skip Tracing provides that service at a reasonable price with the same quality.

Here are the rates of our Skip Tracing Services:

500 Leads $35
1000 Leads $70
2000 Leads $130
3000 Leads $195
4000 Leads $260
5000 Leads $325 
10000 Leads $600 
50000 Leads $2500 

Here are our rates, and if we multiply these terms, it is 6 TO 7 CENTS Per Lead. There is a big difference between 7 CENTS Per Lead and 20 CENTS Per Lead. 

If you are our new user, you might not trust us, but we’ve served numerous clients, and every client’s feedback was positive. So don’t forget to check our Reviews and Testimonials Page.

If you’ve some doubt that we’ll not provide the service we promised, then visit our reviews page. That page will clear your doubts for sure.

Here are our contact details, you can contact us so that we can make a deal.